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Diesel Griffed Men's Chronograph Watch - DZ4563

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Diesel Griffed Men's Chronograph Watch - DZ4563

The Diesel Griffed Men's Chronograph Watch, model DZ4563, combines bold design elements with functional features. Check down below to see the product features.

Product Features:

  • Case Details:

    • Material: The watch case is made of durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.
    • Finish: The case features a combo finish, adding a distinctive and contemporary touch.
    • Size (WxH): With dimensions of 48x55MM, the case has a substantial yet stylish presence.
    • Thickness: The case has a thickness of 13MM, contributing to its robust and bold appearance.
  • Attachment Details:

    • Material: The watch comes with a combination of fabric and silicone for the strap, providing comfort and flexibility.
    • Color: The strap has a striking combination of black and green, enhancing the watch's overall aesthetic.
  • Dial Details:

    • Color: The dial is presented in a sleek black color, offering a modern and versatile look.
    • Indices: Stick indices on the dial contribute to easy and precise time reading.
    • Chronograph Movement: The watch features a chronograph movement, adding functionality with stopwatch capabilities.
  • Water Resistance:

    • Rating: With a water resistance rating of 5 ATM (atmospheres), the watch is suitable for everyday wear and can withstand light splashes.
  • Movement:

    • Type: The watch operates on a precise and reliable quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

The Diesel Griffed DZ4563 watch is a statement piece that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Its bold design elements, including the black sunray dial, chronograph features, and the dynamic black and green strap, make it a distinctive accessory for those who appreciate contemporary and edgy fashion.